Friday, 8 January 2010

A Couple of Thoughts

I feel sorry for Peter and Iris Robinson MP. Mrs Robinson does not appear to be the nicest of people, like so many ultra-religious people, but I have sympathy for her depressive illness or perhaps extreme guilt at being caught out. In a democracy sunlight is the best guarantee of honesty of politicians so, all in all, I reckon the media intrusion, especially by the BBC, is fair game. But it is rather convenient to be brought up now, so soon after the Adams family incest scandal which went quiet very quickly. The media friends of the IRA have never gone away, y'know.

Following the Christmas Day Underpant Bomb Attempt much newsprint has been devoted to profiling passengers to ascertain whether or not they are potential bombers. The less thoughtful assume that suicide bombers would be recruited from the ranks of male muslim arabs or blacks. Thus, virtually everyone else could be waved through to the nude x-ray queue.
However, those awfully nice Fenian Bastards developed an effective suicide bomb during Operation Banner. A JCB digger had a barrel of explosive placed in the shovel, the explosive wired to be exploded remotely and a kidnapped innocent chap chained (CHAINED) into the cab with instructions to drive the digger at a checkpoint. Or else? Or else the victim's family held hostage by the Boys would be murdered. I haven't checked but I expect that the people responsible for this crime were released after the Blair Surrender if caught or were transferred to another parish.
So if you turn up at an airport sweating, looking nervous and extremely stressed despite being white, female, middle-class, middle-aged and C of E thank those awfully nice Irish republican people for inventing another way to kill innocents.


Thud said...

But didn't we eat all their spuds once or something like that...we must be guilty of something as that nice Mr Blair appologised for ancestors would appreciate the effort.

Gallimaufry said...

Squire Thud,
Half of my DNA came from Ireland (probably originally from Scotland) so it did, and I reckon part of the reason for the potato famine stemmed from a reluctance of my ancestors to even try pasta or rice as an alternative. A lot of Gallimaufries ended up in Canada as a result of mixing left and right (which is why we now monogram our wellies or wear red and green soocks).