Monday, 31 August 2009

Eire Planned Terrorist Attacks On UK

I read this amazing piece in today's Sunday Times. Now I always had evil suspicions about Jack Lynch, Charles Haughey and Neil Blaney but this confirms it. So that's why the Kennedy clan were so well received by elements of the Irish political establishment. The unlamentedTeddy will have plenty of friends to greet him down there.
Isn't it ironic that the closest friends of War on Terror America (Ireland and Israel) are the result of terrorist campaigns? I remember hearing some years ago that the CIA had started the Troubles as payback for Harold Wilson refusing to get involved in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. It was something that would adversely affect Britain's freedom of movement and pin us down close to America at a time just after the French chucked American forces out of France and left NATO. Such a pity as the withdrawal from East of Suez had taken place and 1968 was the first year since the end of WW2 that no British servicemen had been killed on active service.

You can watch the RTE One programme If Lynch Had Invaded that prompted the Sunday Times article online.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Devolve UK Defence Policy In Afghanistan To Rockall

And then the Rockall Secretary for Defence, A. Gannet MRP, can announce the immediate withdrawal of UK forces from Afghanistan for re-equipment and training. No responsibility for the decision could be traced to our own dear Defence Secretary, Wig Arsewipe or whoever, who knows rockall about defence. Simples.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Law and Compassion

Biggs is freed, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi may be freed, but Gary McKinnon is to be extradited to the USA and Alan Johnson claims he can do nothing to prevent it. Bollox! If the Establishment want something done for their benefit then ways are always found and the populo minuto just have to accept it because the Established order can never be voted out. That's why we have a democracy to preserve their power.

My Afghanistan Moment

At the moment, I'm digging up the old (four years) strawberry bed in order to put in a row of raspberries and a smaller number of new strawberry plants ( the nearby frog pond has massively reduced slug and bird predation so I don't need so many).
One thing that both strawbs and rasps like is horse manure so I'm putting as much of the stuff in the ground as possible. Fortunately, there's a paddock nearby that offers it free to take away (because horses and ponies don't stop making it). Unfortunately, when I went this morning with three old compost bags and a fork, the gate was chained shut. The alternative was to climb over the wooden post and rail fence with pig netting on one side and a strand of barbed wire on top. So I put the bags and fork over and stepped up onto the first rail preparatory to lifting my leg over when I notice the proximity of the barbed wire to my groin. One false move... and the fun of carrying the full bags thirty yards to the fence, lifting them over and risking pulling my back. I do not want to sustain an injury for the sake of free horse shit. And then I thought why on earth are we fighting in Afghanistan when unmanned drones do a perfectly good job of squashing potential malfeasants (which is where the UK's national interest there starts and finishes). I'll go back another day and hope the very nice pony owners are there and have unlocked the gate.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Alan Duncan: Loose Cannon

Ooops, Missus, he's done it again! Tory wit Alan Duncan MP is in trouble for spouting offensive garbage. Of course he has form and, like Mandy, a Get Out of Gaol card to preserve his meteoric rise from oil trader to oily politician. What!? He's gay? How could anyone suspect without him mentioning it every five minutes? Or so it appears.
Dave Cameron could prove that he harbours not a trace of "homophobia" (literally, fear of the same and not dislike of homosexualists) by sacking the twat and letting him quietly reflect on his puerile behaviour on the backbenches.