Tuesday, 22 December 2009

William Webb Ellis

I always understood that William Webb Ellis invented the game of rugby football when he caught the ball during a game of football at Rugby School and ran up the pitch with it. At my old school that would have merited a detention as quite enough ball games had already been invented and the games staff couldn't manage to learn another set of rules.
Now it appears that Gareth Thomas has actually reinvented rugby as a gaysport (and therefore right on) because he has admitted to being a gayer and because he's a homosexualist he is therefore sitting on the right hand of Barrack Obama according to organs like the BBC. Big deal. Rugby = groping men and sharing showers and baths and singing mysogynistic songs. Who ever thought that rugger buggers (as we non 1stXV types called them) were not predominantly Mandelsonian in their outlook? Certainly the "work" of the part-time solicitor and full-time cauliflower-eared rugby player who spent months on the conveyancing of a house I was selling could best be described as buggering up.
What if a female PE teacher or a male interior designer came out as heterosexual? There would not be the same frisson of interiest amongst the mediarati. Indeed, the story would be spiked. It's the same when someone famous or related to someone famous or known to a journalist announces they are converting to islam. Big news story because it's naughtily different and fills up the empty white spaces. The Gareth Thomas "story" reveals more about the narrow, juvenile minds of the mediarati than it does about the World of Sport (what a desperately, boringly sad Saturday afternoon that dire splodge of electrons was).


I Albion said...

5 live BBC radio were talking in hushed tones and a gravely ,grovely voice's about it , i thought someone had died,but Gareth Thomas had "come out" are they giving bravery medals for it now?

Gallimaufry said...

And no prizes for guessing where they'd pin them. I just wish gayers would occasionally shut up about what they fancy. I am about 95% successful at keeping my internal dialogue on the attractiveness, etc of women internal.

Thud said...

Merry Christmas!