Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Seasonal Nonsense From A Religoon

A publicity-shy Anglican Vicar has suggested that unemployed people should, as a last resort, shoplift from big shops rather than little shops or mug or burgle. No mention is made of pursuing a career in politics, law or merchant banking. Ahem, surely the best place to nick from is churches with lead roofs, communion plate and collection boxes for postcard and guide moneys ( as an atheist I enjoy church architecture as I appreciate the skill and hard work that went into building the hangars of hope). Remember, all religions are extremely well acquainted with making their businesses as tax efficient as possible, have charitable status and sizeable property holdings. Besides, to hide their vast wealth, religions are big on helping poor people. And why not spend Christmas, or indeed the rest of the year, in the spare room at the vicarage of Father Tim Jones of St Lawrence with St Nicholas in York.

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