Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Goodwill to All* Men and Women especially those serving in Afghanistan. Take care and come home safe and soon.
The photo is of a vase of paperwhite narcissus on our kitchen windowsill. They smell absolutely lovely. Press F6 to download the aroma. (This may not work with IE7). Every year I order prepared narcissus bulbs from J. Parkers in Manchester and every year they are wonderful. This year I'm growing both indoor and outdoor hyacinths. Can't wait for them to bloom as the scent will be amazing.
I hope you all receive what you need and share time and happiness with your loved ones in return.
By the way, global warming is back as the ice on the lawn is melting!
*with the obvious exceptions too numerous and evil to mention.


James Higham said...

To you too and have a lovely day today.

James Higham said...

Happy New Year as well.

Thud said...

All the best my good man.

sally in norfolk said...

hyacinths... cannot stand the smell they give me :-(

Gallimaufry said...

each to ones own ... however, three bulbs have flowered so far and the scent is amazing.