Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another Nail In Blair's Coffin

During a no-holds-barred forensic interrogation from Fern Britton our beloved ex-Premier (misunderstood by the very people who should be naming their firstborn Anthony Charles Lynton in respectful gratitude for His gifts) admitted that he would have had the Armed Forces turn up for Iraq War 2 just to depose a very nasty Arab leader (not that tame chap in Egypt, or those nasty ones in Syria or Libya) even if the WMD didn't exist (that's why he's so keen on faith: every time someone said their were no weapons Nuclear, Chemical or Biological a warhead expires). Big deal. We all knew that already.
However, genial Arran-wearing, pipe-smoking "Gerry" Adams has recently been forced to admit that he knew his brother sexually-abused his neice over a long period and his republican gangster father had similarly perverted appetites. Now, Special Branch and MI5 were especially effective in Northern Ireland during Operation Banner and I doubt very much that they were unaware of such dangerous information (certainly people were murdered by terrorists for knowing or appearing to know much less). Which raises the question, did Tony Blair shake hands with someone he knew had who helped cover up child abuse (like the Irish Bishops) in order to build a political Potemkin Village in the Province? TB is a very religious chap, certain of His Goodness so he would not have doubted for a moment that what he did was wrong. Besides, His conversion was accompanied with confession that absolved Him of any sins (just as the kiddy-fiddling priests did for each other, no doubt). But the whole affair stinks of hypocrisy and realpolitik.

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