Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Good News

Repellent Labour Luvvie Millionaire, Ben Elton, is reported in today's Daily Mail as being on his way to live in Australia. Good! Type F*** Off into your satnav for directions. Apparently he has grown tired of the increasingly crap and restrictive Labour regime here. So why did you ever vote for them, Smartarse? Pace Jeremy Clarkson, he won't be stung bitten or poisoned by all the nasty creatures in Oz (apparently even PM Kevin Rudd, like a good socialist, has a short fuse with underlings) because of professional courtesy.

The quote from the Daily Mail article that made me chortle was:

"'My problem with the Australian economy is I earn all my salary in sterling and the Australian dollar has gone crazy,' he said.
'It's (worth) 55p. It was 38p a couple of years ago. As someone earning sterling living in Australia, I'm b*****ed."

Ben, Ben, Ben. If the Aus$ bought 38p a couple of years ago and now buys 55p, that means that the Aus$ has appreciated against the £ by about 50% or the £ has fallen by about 30%. O Level economics before Nulab dumbed it down. How could that happen to the currency of the economy best suited to weather and recover from the Global Recession? Answer, because Gordon Brown ran deficits and John Howard ran surpluses, And no Australian bank failed, was nationalised or needed funny money from the Bank of Taxpayers.
Your name's Ben Elton. Good Riddance!

PS Is today's Times headline connected?


James Higham said...

Best place for him.

Thud said...

Elton played his part in destroying the nation he flees...thanks Ben you socialist prick.