Friday, 6 November 2009

Apache and Chinook Helicopters Over Coventry

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a pair of Westland Apaches flying in a westerly direction from the general area of Baginton Airport and this afternon I saw a Boeing Chinook fly south from the same part of the sky.
To the best of my knowledge, the AAC bases its Apaches at Wattisham in Suffolk and the RAF homes its Chinooks at Odiham in Hampshire. The nearest military heli base is RAF Shawbury in the wild west of Shropshire. I wonder what they were doing as I've never spotted these types locally before. I'm pretty sure neither heli type was being used to chauffeur our esteemed Defence Minister to his Coventry North East constituency. Any ideas?
Are plans being made to fight the War on Terror in the Midlands to save on travel costs and reduce the carbon footprint by moving it from Afghanistan? Our wonderful Nulab government imported plenty of Afghans and others as part of its now regretted (now the votes are vanishing) policy of bulk delivery multiculturalism.


Richard T said...

No, it's more likely that Herr Kron Prinz Battenberg's boys were having an afternoon out at public expense, leave alone denying scarce helicopters to serving troops.

Thud said...

Yes...terrible lads those serving army officer types.

Gallimaufry said...

@RichardT: But Prince Battenburg does make awfully nice cakes.

@Thud: As an aeroplane anorak I'm all for anything that increases my tally of aircraft types spotted. Baginton is a very good location for proper old aircraft as oppsed to passesnger tube looky-likeys and light grey jobs that make iddentification a pain.
And any extra experience that prevents helicopters being landed other than according to the manufacturers' recommendationsis A Good Thing. Reluctantly, I will have to phone the Airbases' PROs: "No, I'm not complaining about low flying/flying at night/scaring livestock ... etc ... I'm an aviation anorak." End of telecon.

James Higham said...

Chinooks over Coventry - aaaagh!

Gallimaufry said...

Sort of an Andy McNab for the discerning reader.