Thursday, 10 September 2009

Oil Discovered In Liverpool?

Michael Shields, the Liverpool fan gaoled for assaulting a Bulgarian barman today received a Royal Pardon from MinJust Jack Straw today. According to the BBC " in 2008 two senior High Court judges ruled that Mr Straw did have the "power and jurisdiction" to exercise the ancient royal prerogative of mercy in his case. "
So perhaps Jack Straw should exercise that same royal prerogative of mercy and tell Obama bluntly that Gary McKinnon isn't leaving Britain for Wild West Justice.


Thud said...

I'm still not sure on the Shields with Straw in the picture it's even murkier.

Gallimaufry said...

And Nulab have managed to piss off Bulgaria, Laos, Libya, the US of Kennedy-mourning A(whoo-hoo) as a result of the wonderful Jack Straw and Tony Bliar's back of an envelope reform (odd definition of shitting on) the English legal system. But Straw was once a piss poor Foreign Secretary who thought the job consisted of bending over for Iran and making cow eyes at Condominium Rice.