Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ground Hits Plane Video

The second rule of flight is that every aircraft is always able to reach the ground. Take a look at this video of what appears to be a Pitts Special ending its display unconventionally by shunting a car. I once saw a K-13 glider shunt a Montego a couple of yards after ground looping. Amazingly, it appeared the K-13 escaped with just a dented nose and a shattered canopy but a full engineering inspection was merited. What annoys me is the amateur, nay ignorant, style of the report by the Beeb hack. What does "the bottom frame off the airplane" mean? The undercarriage, the undersurface of the fuselage, the lower wing or all three? And given that the BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation, what is an airplane when the proper word is aeroplane or aircraft? Arrgh! Flying can be reported properly by the BBC as this post shows.


James Higham said...

I never know when you're blogging and when you not. When you're in the main roll, you don't blog, old chap. Then I move you to "not blogging" and you start blogging.

Ah, these American spellings.

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Gallimaufry said...

Sorry for the confusion James but that rotter Gruff knocked my blogging for six.
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