Saturday, 11 July 2009

The BBC Drops a Clanger With Torchwood, Children of Earth

Torchwood Children of Earth, the 5 part mini-series was well up to its usual standards, although the central characters ("Captain"* Jack, Gwen and Ianto) were easily out-acted by everyone else from Peter Capaldi downwards. Within its genre of trashy scifi it is good and I enjoyed it, watching the first three episodes back-to-back on iPlayer.
One thing made me laugh, however. The original dozen children abducted by the alien 456** species to act as drug implants (ugh) were secretly provided by the British Government of the time in return for a virus antidote. It was clearly stated several times that the handover took place in 1965. 1965! When was Harold Wilson's Labour Government*** in office? 1964-1970! So the BBC is accusing Labour of perpetrating the most ghastly crime against the weakest members of our nation, not only that the children were from a Scottish care home. Could Torchwood be evidence that the BBC is attempting to curry favour with its next licence setter, the Tory Party? After all, changing the original abduction date to any time between 1951 and 1964 would have been easy for the set dressers and costumiers (because no changes were needed).

* Why "Captain" when he wears RAF Group Captain / ROC Observer Captain rank slides on his greatcoat?
** Why did an alien civilisation capable of interplanetary flight use a radio wavelength to communicate with earth instead of the much better DAB? Probably because DAB is crap, by and large.
*** Which promoted the "white heat of technology" ie cancelling TSR2 and AW681. Still, the Open University is excellent and Harold kept us out of Vietnam and Europe.

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James Higham said...

There are a lot of other bloody things went wrong in that time frame too.