Sunday, 21 June 2009

Come To Redacted England

Spend a week in England, home of Parliamentary Privilege, Data Protection and Anti-Terrorism Legislation, spend anything actualy as we need your money to pay our MPs and Lords. See our sights (no photography allowed without permits).

I Am Religious Therefore I Can Make Up My Own Rules

Another Christian Registrar is complaining that she is expected to conduct gay civil partnerships against her beliefs. Earth to Plant Faith: You conducted non-religious civil marriage ceremonies for £28,000 per year yet didn't exhort the happy couple to adjourn to the nearest church instead. If you wanted pick'n'mix why didn't you work for Woolworths? Oh, and how would you feel if a member of a political party for anyone from 9 to 99 (IQ that is) had objected, for their own deeply held reasons, to be married by a non-aryan/nordic ubermensch?
It is about time that all public servants are required to park their religious beliefs at the door before they start work just like the no communism or fascism rule when I joined the Civil Service. They would then be able to give their employers the same care and attention when dealing with them. Money would be saved by not having to accommodate prayer rooms (go outside with the smokers if necessary), for example. And for those people who claim that faith makes people more honest than atheists or humanists, look at the religious affiliations of our allowance-sponging "Honourable" Members. They run the whole gamut of holy hypocrisy.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hypocrisy And The Journalists' Closed Shop

Compare the ongoing case of Suzanne Breen in Northern Ireland with the outing of Nightjack, the serving Detective Constable by Partick Foster of the Times. It appears that the ethics of the dead tree press learned at journalism colleges only stretch as far as their fellow chapel members. If only Nightjack had sold his information to a newspaper to increase its circulation and preserve hacks' jobs instead of blogging it himself he would still retain his anonymity. Triples all round!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Nick Thingummy Pelted With Eggs

click on screen capture to enlarge

Whoever's responsible for updating the Sky News webpage might be looking for a job with Law Dallan tomorrow. Surely everyone knows the difference between "Nice" Nick Clegg (LimpDims) and "Nasty" Nick Griffin (BNP and Eastenders)?

With thanks to Sky News.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Ministry of Defeat

Buy this book as it's an excellent read. I'm on chapter 2 and can thoroughly recommend it. By clicking on the picture you link through to Amazon which is selling it for £13.99 inc p&p.