Thursday, 14 May 2009

Recession? What Recession?

I would have thought that the retail sector would have been as keen as mustard to make a sale in these straightened (especially for MPs now) credit crunchy times. Not so as I discovered recently.

I am the proud owner of a pair of plates of meat that measure UK size 13, 4E width , ie the sort of gorilla feet that would never squeeze into a glass slipper. However, last year, before the £ crashed against the $ (so how is the UK economy stronger than everyone else, Gordon?) I bought my perfect pair of shoes (Brooks Addiction Walker) online from the USA and they arrived in under a week with just a bunion of import duty and VAT to pay ( well moats don't clean themselves). Unfortunately, since then I've been unable to find an American supplier who sold the shoes in black in the right width or who was willing to post them out of the USA.

Imagine my joy when I found a British shoeshop that did mail order, sold the shoes in black, in size 13... but only medium width. Undaunted, I emailed them with an offer to buy two pairs in my fitting:


Just a quick email to ask if you can supply these shoes in size UK13 black 4E width as the web page only offers a standard medium width fitting. . Provided the price is reasonable I would order two pairs.
I bought a brown pair of these shoes from the States and have to say they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

Thanking you in anticipation of a positive reply.


And this morning, I received this reply:

"Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, if you cannot see these shoes available on our website then we will not be able to supply them.

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch.

Best Regards,

Customer Service Team"

Notice that there is no sales pitch beyond take it or leave it. Wouldn't something like "we could add your order to our next delivery from the wholesaler/manufacturer if you wish to leave a deposit" have been more businesslike? Well that's taught me a lesson. Next time I walk along the high street and see empty shops, I won't think "Oh, what a shame", instead it will be " Couldn't be bothered to offer what the potential customer wanted to buy". What a shame!

If anyone knows where I can get a couple of pairs of these shoes at a reasonable price, please let me know.


William Gruff said...

I've come only because I was tempted by a link from Higham's site but the more I read of your self-serving whining the more I am persuaded that you are unable to take responsibility for your failings and exist by blaming others.

I've no idea, and absolutely no interest in, what your 'disability' is but I'm certain that you are an emotional and intellectual cripple.

If you want shoes that are not worth selling, do as I do and seek them out, and stop whining that no one is prepared to give them to you.

You demand 'equality' yet prove yourself inadequate for it.

Gallimaufry said...

Fuck off shitface and go back to your sad little blog where you moan about your rented accommodation and your on-off relations with your partner. I only wanted to buy two pairs of shoes from a shoeshop for christ's sake you ignorant, easily thicker than the londoners and southerners I worked with (read the original fucking blog you twat) fuckwit of an excuse.