Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Only The Little People Pay Taxes

How Leona Helmsley's famous words must grate like a squeaky blackboard to the 4'10" chipmunk. It's all very well writing a £13,332 cheque (surprising that she keeps that amount in a current account) to HMRC, fao A. Darling. It won't do her any good. A good reputation is priceless and no amount of money can buy it back. The next cheque Hazel Blears writes should be for £19,998, being the 60% balance of the capital gain on the sale of her former London home. If she has any sense of honour she will donate it immediately to Help For Heroes. It may mitigate her sentence. And then with Jacqui Smith in tow she will spend her few remaining years before retirement, quietly and without any fuss, sluicing bedpads and cleaning toilets and smiling at all the soldiers at Selly Oak Hospital. And every other rat faced bastard daring to call themself an "Honourable Member" who takes the parliamentary shilling and who has benefitted from an increase in the value of taxpayer subsidised second homes or has otherwise manipulated the allowance system should make a similar donation. And Blair should have his houses confiscated using the Proceeds of Crime Act (but it wasn't intended for circumstances like this his wife will bleat, neglecting the misuse of the Terrorism Act against Iceland to cite one of thousands of examples). Because nearly every MP is guilty of agreeing to the illegal, unnececessary war in Iraq that cost this country so much in lives, money and international standing.
And every MP should lie awake in bed listening out for their consciences and wishing they could turn back their John Lewis clocks so that they hadn't submitted a claim for them because they could.


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I'm not impressed by your light-hearted reference to a misogynistic sociopath who verbally attacked CherryPie in a comment I deleted last November.