Saturday, 16 May 2009

Only Connect?

Damian McBride left his job without severance pay as a SpAd for Gordon Brown after Smeargate revealed, amongst other stories (it seems so long ago now), an attempt to libel an MP with details of a weekend spent in a hotel with another person.

Damian McBride went incommunicado.

The Daily Telegraph publishes the contents of a diskful of MPs' expense claims obtained from an anonymous source. The newspaper is evasive about any payments it may have made.

Am I right in seeing a possible link between the events? Did 10 Downing Street have access to the parliamentary expense claim details as a means of ensuring the loyaly or acquiescence of MPs? I don't believe that anything as outrageous as this could happen because even Brown and McBride wouldn't sink that low and hope that it is never shown to be true because that would utterly destroy my confidence in the whole political system and where would that leave us.

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