Saturday, 16 May 2009

MPs Who Wrongly Claim Mortgage Payments

Are utterly greedy dishonest bastards who should be prosecuted and sent to the Lord Ahmed Health Spa for Parliamentarians for at least a week. I doubt they would serve longer than the public spirited leaker of the unredacted (never seen that word outside of a law textbook before this last week, rather like catafalque was only used when HM The Queen Mother was lain in state) expenses claims.
What has prompted this rage is a letter, one of a series, that I received from Prudential this morning telling me that the endowment policy I purchased in 1989 was likely to significantly undershoot its target on maturity. Just what I wasn't told in 1989 when endowment policies were sold as winning premium bonds and they wouldn't merely pay off one's mortgage but would take a sizeable bite from the national debt. Alas, it now appears my monthly payments, like those for my AVCs have gone towards subsidizing the bonanza payouts of people whose policies matured in the 1990s and earlier. And MPs get free money when I'm effectively feeding mine into a shredder. Arrrrrgh!


CherryPie said...

It is disgusting isn't it?

Gallimaufry said...

What's good enough for Civil Servants ought to be good enough for MPs. I would often not claim the day or half day subsistence I was due, partly because I would have bought a meal aynway for example (but I accepted that colleagues had justified reasons for claiming because of their domestic circumstances), but more usually because I didn't have the time to fill out a T&S form with the purpose and details of the journey. 15 minutes spent on a form was 15 minutes better spent on my real work. And the time wasted filling out time sheets in 30 minute blocks apportioned to the proper cost codes must have added up to almost a week a year.