Friday, 8 May 2009

An MP's Expenses Claim That Was Refused By The Fees Office

Before the herd of troughing swine rush off to buy coproxamol and penknives on expenses to save themselves the indignity of signing on after the next election because the regulations they agreed amongst themselves (MPs being experts in rubber-stamping EUdiktats) are soooo difficult to understand and they can't be expected to fill out forms and hold the government to account - that's Joanna Lumley's job, may I take a breather..... and propose that in future no claims will be accepted without proper receipts and a biometric ID card. And they must immediately advise any changes in circumstances.

Two messages to MPs:

1 Paul Murphy - if your hot water is too hot adjust the boiler or turn on the cold tap.

2 Gordon Brown - if you claimed £6,000 to clean your flat how much will it cost us to clean the whole country of twelve years of Labour filth? And why the hell do Labour MPs make so much mess? Mr Pig meet Mr Hoover.

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