Saturday, 9 May 2009

Gordon Brown's London Flat: It Stinks Despite All That Cleaning

I don't understand the story about the cleaning bills paid for 26 months from December 2004. He bought the flat in 1992 from Arthur Anderson, the administrators of the failed Maxwell empire for £130,000. On 19 March 2005 he transferred it to Sarah Brown. It was no longer his property. She allowed his nephew to live in it for a few weeks at least and, in 2007, it was stated that the Browns had no plans to rent it on the open market but would make it available to friends and family. So the Son of the Manse has his constituency house, the grace-and-favour flat at No 10 or No 11 Downing Street (the Blairs had No 11 because its flat was larger) which is tied-accommodation and his Westminster flat, aka the property boom milch cow. And Brown can claim off pensioners' savings interest to have his wife's nest-egg cleaned.
Why not put everything on a level playing field and put burglars in charge of rewriting the Theft Act and judging each other so that they keep their business "within the rules"? Wasn't "it was within the rules" rejected as a defence at Nuremburg?

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