Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Break From Blogging

I'm taking an indeterminate break from blogging as a result of receiving this comment to a recent post I made about not being able to find shoes that fitted:

"I've come only because I was tempted by a link from Higham's site but the more I read of your self-serving whining the more I am persuaded that you are unable to take responsibility for your failings and exist by blaming others.

I've no idea, and absolutely no interest in, what your 'disability' is but I'm certain that you are an emotional and intellectual cripple.

If you want shoes that are not worth selling, do as I do and seek them out, and stop whining that no one is prepared to give them to you.

You demand 'equality' yet prove yourself inadequate for it."

(my green ink for emphasis)

Quite apart from the fact that the writer's criticisms relate to what he believes he read rather than the actual words of my post, the commenter banned me several weeks before from commenting on his blog after I rebutted another ad-hominem attack on me by him. I respect his freedom of expression, however distateful. It's that distate that has prompted this period of detoxification.

I don't think Sir Tim Berners-Lee had characters like him in mind when he invented the interwebby thing. Anyway, thank you all for all the comments you have left on my blog over the past five hundred odd posts. I hope you enjoyed reading at least some of them. I may be back on this blog or another one in the future, but I will continue to read your blogs.

Thank you and best wishes.


i Albion said...

It's a joke right???just get them shoes on and start blogging again!!!

Gallimaufry said...

Alas Albion, it's not a joke (although it's probably funnier than most of my real jokes). Many thanks for your kind comment.

James Higham said...

Come back soon.

CherryPie said...

Well good luck to you, I hope you do come back soon. Don't let one person spoil it for you.

BTW I have a break from blogging too, my blog broke whilst I have been away for a week!

Thud said...

I'm not quite sure why the words of a classless prick would stop you from blogging but I hope it is not a permanent stop...take a rest.

William Gruff said...

I don't make ad hominem attacks (even though you made an 'ad hominem' attack on me, as a southerner) and I don't ban people from my blogs, though I do occasionally refuse to publish comments from those I find personally offensive. You are the only person I've advised to that effect and I'm disappointed that you have not identified me as the object of your less than withering scorn.

You can quote this in green ink if you will, but you should include a link to your gratuitously offensive remarks about 'southerners'.

I thank you for your generous comment at my blog.

Airshipman said...

Ignore him Gallimaufry, he is untreatable except in a sewage farm.

Gallimaufry said...

Read the original post again. I was referring to people in my experience, just as in my experience the brightest person I have met is Welsh but I have also met many thick Welsh people. Thick in the sense of being closed to new ideas and without imagination.