Monday, 6 April 2009

The Times Archive: Yeah, Whatever

The Times has a feature half page in between the births, marriages and deaths and the Court Circular and other classified advertisements titled "Times Archive". It consists of an old photo with a couple of sentences of explanation. On Friday it published a lovely photo of a Handley Page HP45 and a Wibault 282 T12 (oh for the halcyon days of plane-spotting when aircraft could be told apart) and managed to misidentify the Gallic trimoteur as a Junkers Ju-52! Oh come on, Keira Knightly isn't Sienna Miller is she. So I wrote a polite email of elucidation to the Times Archive:

I expect you have had hundreds of similar emails on this topic but this is just a note to advise that the Handley Page aircraft in the background is a HP 45 (known by Imperial Airways as the HP 42W for Western routes) used on Imperial Airways European routes (more passengers, shorter range than the HP 42). G-AAXD "Horatius" was impressed into RAF service and crashed into trees on Tiverton golf course on 7 November 1939 en route from France to Exeter. Four HP 42s and four HP 45s were built.
The "Junkers Ju-52/3m" is in fact a Wibault Penhoet 282 T12 as can be discerned from the writing on the rudder which is doubtless clearer on the original photo. The modified tail suggests it had been converted to 283 standard. (Finlets on the horizontal tailplane and increased height rudder to counter the increased side area of the trouser spats on the 283's main udercarriage.
Hope this clarifies matters.

As of this morning, no reply from the august newspaper of record. However, in the Letters to the Editor section (a bit OTT for a correction, surely) is a letter from a chap in West Sussex (Home Counties so pukka chap) as follows:

"Sir, Your wonderful picture of the snowy scene at Croydon airport in 1936 (Register, April 3) depicted not a German-built Junkers Ju52, which was famous for its corrugated iron type fuselage, but an example of the French-built Wibault-Penhoet 282 that Air France operated during the decade until 1938. F-AHML bore the name Le Fougueux. "

Good for him. Why is it that London-based media is biased towards the South East and yet derides the rest of the country as provincial? My experience of working in the Great Wen is that cockneys make the world's best idiots. And South Easterners come second.


William Gruff said...

I'm from the South East, which, with London, is the only wealth producing part of the 'U'K.

Gallimaufry said...

And capable of doling it out but not taking it. You may recall your misogynistic attack on CherryPie in on of my threads last year with disgust. On reflection, for her sake, I am glad I didn't publish it.

Anonymous said...

So what's that got to do with the price of fish? Tower Hamlets v Cheshire which pays the more tax per head?