Friday, 24 April 2009

Nulab Prefers People Who Hate Britain

The anti-patriotic perfidious bastards who cloak themselves in the flag when they see electoral advantage have today committed an outrageous act of treachery against our loyal Gurkha friends. Using the most weasely, narrow-minded interpretation of the law, Woollas and Brown have decided to allow a maximum of 4,300 Gurkhas and their families to live in the UK. It's more likely to be about 100. Here's the BBC report.
What annoys me is the fact that Nulabour hands out an annual jizya of £70 million for preventing extremism yet refuses to honour a covenant of honour to very proud, loyal and brave people with a tradition of serving Britain since 1816.
Please take a look at the Gurkha Justice Campaign website. Anyone who gets on the wrong side of the Brigade of Gurkhas and Joanna Lumley had better be a bloody good runner.

* little only in stature but giants in every other respect.

Update thanks to Iain Dale: the Brown Woollas betrayal has been defeated by 60 votes in a division in the House of Commons. Ayo Gurkhali!

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Thud said...

If they could just nip onto a lorry in Calais they would be sorted!