Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I Don't Think George Dixon Would Have Done This

I discovered this clip of President Obama shaking the hand of the Policeman standing outside 10 Downing Street (presumably a crime of some sort had been committed inside and the constable was securing the area) from the excellent Guido Fawkes. Pace Guido, but I don't think OBL* has snubbed the copper. Surely, despite the obviously well meant gesture, the proper thing for the constable to do was to smartly come to attention andsalute the Head of State and Prime Minister. Formality and respect for office (if not the person in Brown's case) still have a place. Offering a handshake is what the big cheeses should then have done if they saw fit. Still, congratulations to the Duty Sergeant for making that copper's day/week/month /year/life. And congratulations to his mates for never letting him forget.

*OBL: Our Beloved Leader, so popular due to his masterful handling of the British economy that no vote was deemed necessary to install him as Prime Minister.

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