Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Hello Jacqui and Jack

Will you be bringing your hubby and children to eat in the 5% price increase-capped Palace of Westminster restaurants?

bomb, semtex, allah akbah, mustapha leik, number 10 downing street, MI5, MI6, House of commons, mohammed, tax increases, mosque, jihad, white power, BNP, National front, anthrax, nail bomb, gordon brown must die, assassinate, IRD, IRA, demonstration, rhubarb and custard, freedom of speech, nuclear device, machete, machine gun, chipolatas ...... democratic accountability.

Is it really worth keeping this post for a year?


Anonymous said...

England. CCTV. Albion Market (Granada). ASBO. The Archers. Free Speech. Police State. Crossroads Motel. 1987.

Thud said...

Super secret spy now activated!

James Higham said...

I think you've covered it there.