Thursday, 16 April 2009

Draper & McBride Unpersons

Minitru Bulletin 16 April 2009

Redrag doubleplusungood. Website part of plan by Cameron terrorists to overthrow GB and surrender Airstrip 1 to doubleplusungood Tories - three minute hate.
Junior Comrade Smith of the Kirkaldy Youth Pioneers has been awarded a BA in Basic Literacy from the University of Inberkley and has been assigned to the Five-A-Day Team, Khandahar.

Chocolate ration increased to 10 grammes each week to celebrate doubleplusgood employment stats. Chocolate ration has been increased from 20 grammes as a result of the victory of our eternal allies the Somali Pirates.
Victory gin ration increased to 100ml to celebrate doubleplusgood landslide victory of Ingsoc in June 2010 General Election. Block Wardens exceeeded the target to recycle postal votes within 24 hours of counting to demonstrate Ingsoc commitment to environment.

New photo of GB and SB visiting heroes of Ingsoc working all hours to increase voluntary work for children to 50 hours.

Long Live GB, Long Live Ingsoc, Long Live Airstrip 1


Thud said...

This would be funny if not true.

Gallimaufry said...

There are no Gordon Brown and Nulabour jokes left. The Tories privatised them all. (Another Nulabour lie).