Thursday, 23 April 2009

Cynical Scotch Colonialist Overlords.

The colonial government suddenly realises that English people are getting increasingly annoyed by their position at the bottom of the pile - things must be bleeding obvious when dim Harriet gets the picture. So, with the zeal of the converted hypocrit, NuLiebore wraps itself in the flag it chose to ignore and despise until the opinion polls sent it a wake-up call.

But how thumpingly inept to encourage English people to celebrate their saint's feast day in a diverse, culturally inclusive day by increasing the price of a pint of beer the very same day. I realise that Alaistair needs to find every penny to pay for his predecessor's mistakes but come on and get someone English to work in the No 10 spin sewage works.

I will celebrate St George's Day in the traditional English manner: tomorrow I will think "yesterday was St George's Day and Shakespeare's birthday, oh well". The fact is that England is always best thank you very much and we do not need a special day to massage a cultural inferiority complex with cod displays of pygmy nationalism and celtic alcoholism.


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James Higham said...

Excellent, sir.

Alfie said...

I might see you there....

Thud said...

Gardening and a roast...did it for me.