Sunday, 19 April 2009

Contrasting Styles Of Policing Demonstrations



The traitors in Luton were protected by the Police because it is HM Government policy to appease our enemies. The demonstrators in London were a threat to HM Government's stage- managing of the £50 million G20 non-event (ie attempt to decrease Gordo's unpopularity).

I grew up with a Ladybird book, Dixon of Dock Green, Juliet Bravo hard-wired instinctive trust of and respect for our Police. I want to keep that respect because without an impartial Police force to uphold the law life at all levels would be rendered near impossible. But the corrosive effects of political correctness and social liberalism working in common purpose has brought policing to the stage where ambitious coppers seek to please politicians instead of serving the public good. Yes, defining that term "public good" is like stapling jelly to the ceiling, but ordinary English people have an inbuilt idea of what it isn't. Recent events in public life clearly demonstrate that radical reform of all our publicly funded bodies is required urgently. And don't think that the equally corrupt practices employed in the private sector can escape criticism and change.
We must give this government the biggest wake-up call at the forthcoming elections, a landslide defeat that even the most Stakhanovite ballot stuffer or shredder cannot alter. And then we must write to our MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates and tell them in surgeries and public meetings that we will not put up with their wishy-washy let's be nice policies but demand, on pain of voting for the nasty parties, that a complete radical excision of the Nulabour cancer is performed within one parliament. Simultaneously, the interests of England and English people must be made paramount; why, our unlected PM and many of his junta pledged the same for Scotland when they signed the Claim of Right. The United Kingdom Parliament (minus the Labour puppets in the Lords) will become the de-facto English Parliament by force of numbers. MPs from outside England will still contribute their wisdom and knowledge to debates and committees but will, out of courtesy, refrain from voting on English-only legislation.


Thud said...

My father after serving in the forces was a policeman,his policing philosophy was so far from that of today as to be unrecognisable.

Gallimaufry said...

I expect it was very similar to Peel's Principles of Policing. On a parallel point, hasn't the RC Bishop of Scotland recently stated (I paraphrase) that self-discipline is much more effective than any amount of law-making. Very perceptive and wise of him.

Thud said... there is something to think about, a rare beast nowadays indeed.

Gallimaufry said...

btw I made £20 donation to the Police Dependents' Trust on 18 April. Sadly, it dedicated to the respectful memory of PC Gary Toms whose death the news media have consigned to the in brief columns. There'a good article by Michael Winner in today's Daily Mail: