Sunday, 1 March 2009

Will Clare Short Be Proescuted Under The Official Secrets Act?

Well, she has confirmed what we all assumed but which our political masters don't want us to know. The point is, is that what goes on in Cabinet is classified and if a public-spirited Civil Servant had leaked the document (a blank sheet of paper) he or she would be arrested at 5am by the Nulab Stasi.
Apparently there was no discussion on the rights and wrongs of the Iraq invasion according to this article in today's Mail on Sunday. So Jack Shit's claim of National Security is actually New Labour Security. The last lot of scum who mixed up national and party interest ended up at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials. Perhaps the next Conservative government could pencil in few month's business at The Hague for Blair, Brown, Campbell, Scarlett etc to assure us of their innocence on the charge of waging aggressive war.
Digressing, it is droll to discover that Oor Gordon ignored the "Auld Alliance" with France to take the lead in a campaign to blame the French non for effectively forcing Blair and Bush to invade Iraq. There was nothing else we could do but start a war to find the weapons we knew didn't exist. How did the two best armed countries in the world end up with leaders who believed they had carte blanche from their imaginary magic friend? And we are worried about theocratic Iran!

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