Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Richard Littlejohn And "The Court Of Public Opinion"

This column in today's Daily Mail is excellent Littlejohn magic. His demolition of the vacuous Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC (never was anyone so undeserving of those name brackets) ranks on a par with his bitchslap of Polly Toynbee (an equally privileged dim sister) on Question Time. I would recommend the lad for a knighthood if Blair and Brown hadn't irretrievably wrecked the honours system by misusing it to pay back favours to cronies instead of acknowledging outstanding public service. I bet Her Majesty wishes she could slice a few heads off instead on tapping undeserving shoulders.
Digressing, if HH was a University Challenge contestant (by right of quota) her sole contribution would be a series of minus five points for incorrect interruptions.

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LibertyMine said...

Thanks for highlighting this one. I like the way Littlejohn gets straight to the point. He is not afraid to make his case. He needs more exposure.

He also brings up the extraordinary lengths the government and cabinet are going to to crucify this man. I am not defending him, but does his pension really deserve all these no-brainers rolling out one after another telling us how awful it all is. They were quite happy to collect all those banking taxes over the last decade. They are also quite happy for their own PM to retire of something like £120k a year despite his stewardship losing £100+billion a year!

It's all a smokescreen to deflect attention.