Sunday, 15 March 2009

Radio 4 Sunday Morning Spoilt

It's 8:10 am and I'm just waking up having heard the news and newspaper review. So what does the cruel Radio 4 scheduler do next? Sunday Worship on FM as well as LW. So I have to turn the bedside radio off and, with the withdrawal of auditory stimulus, my sleepy brain returns to sleep mode and I don't wake again until 9:30am ish. What a waste. Can't Radio 4 do the same on Sunday as it does during the week and just have religious services on LW? It's bad enough having the platitudinous nonsense of guardianspeak added to an invisible magic friend (aka Thought For Today) interrupting the Today programme. Why not have a thought along the lines of "We're on our own, this is our only chance at life, try to be nice to each other or at least mind our own business."? So come on Radio 4, put a decent documentary programme on between 8:10 -8:50 am on Sunday on FM.

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