Monday, 23 March 2009

MPs Second Home Allowance: DIY Quantitative Easing

As an ex Civil Servant who had to fill in hundreds of T&S forms, making sure that all expenditure was justified, value for money and properly accounted for (no invoice or ticket, no money back) who knew that any fraud would result in disciplinary action (potentially bye bye job and pension, hello Police) I am disgusted by the slack way that MPs of all parties treat the public purse as their petty cash box. If they are caught out fiddling only rarely do they even pay back what they took (What? I said sorree). And now the MPs are planning to rewrite the second homes allowance guidelines so that any fiddling that the rest of the country (except for bank chiefs etc) believe is wrong is actually allowed. Just give the greedy bastards their own money with their pictures on and let them photocopy it to save the bother of finding a cashpoint.

Actually, I have a suggestion for the minimum distance between Westminster and constituency that MPs can claim second home allowances from ( though why they can't kip in a hotel or club when shagging on public premises is permitted for our honourable members). And if they don't want to remain as MPs under these arduous new terms and conditions thehey can get jobs in the car industry or investment banking (that would suit their capabilities).

Being a resonable chap, I would consider claims of more than 490 miles on a case by case basis.

By the way, if you like the music, why not avail yourself of the many outlets from record shops to download websites that sell copies of these songs. The tax levied goes to pay for MPs second home allowances and the wonderful EU.

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