Sunday, 22 March 2009

England Loses Again

I'm rather annoyed, in a typically English won't do anything about it sort of way, about the shoddy treatment meted out to a Sri Lankan-born Englishman who worked until recently in a Sub Post Office in Nottingham. His crime was to refuse to serve customers who refused to speak English because they slowed up the service for other customers.

FFS, one only needs to know about 800 English words to communicate effectively. If residents of this country can't be bothered to learn basic English (the training courses are free on demand and in many cases, women only) why should they be accorded special treatment as if they have a disability, eg deaf people who may communicate by BSL? Non-English speakers are not disabled, they are either tourists, in which case, "Please", "Thank You", "Two Beers, My Friend Will Pay", a smile and a phrase book are useful and polite or culturally ignorant aggressors seeking to import their overseas lives lock, stock and barrel with the host community expected to accommodate their whims.

According to the BBC report "Managers at the Post Office said the service was for all and they were concerned about the impact on trade." So customers of the 2,500 branches slated for closure don't count, one presumes. Oh, I forgot, OAPs don't blow up tubes and buses so they can be ignored.

In future, I will conduct all official business with PC organisations in Latin and, if I want privileged treatment that no one else gets, I am a moslem.

Update 27 March: Mr Deva Kumarasiri has been sacked by the agency that employed him.

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