Thursday, 5 March 2009

Edward Kennedy To Receive An Honorary Knighthood

Yes, that Edward Kennedy, the son of a Prohibition bootlegger (his cv gets worse after that), on whom surgeons recently operated to remove a malignant brain tumour. The good news is that the tumour is responding well to treatment.
What is the sudden need to hand out a gong to this man who publicly hated citizens of the United Kingdom? Should I buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate something? If it's necessary to award an American politician an honour why not give him Lord Ahmed's ermine dressing gown?
I hereby nominate an American who really deserves an honorary knighthood.
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North Northwester said...

There's a bit I think in one of PJ O'Rourke (PBUH)'s articles when Teddy visited Northern Ireland during the Troubles (illegal war of civilian-garbed terrorists targeting UK civilians) and he approached a British Army [they're the ones in the uniforms who had to shout a warning before opening fire, the bloodthirsty bastards] checkpoint, and asked the poor squaddie on guard:
'Why don't you just go home?'...for the accompanying camera crews.

The squaddie [knight him now, if he's still alive after a career actually serving democracy]replied:

'Why don't you?'

William Gruff said...

I remember that. It was actually shown on the television news and the squaddie said, as I recall, 'this is my home. Why don't you?'

Verification word for this comment: 'Wisemon'.

Gallimaufry said...

Wisemon - hope you're not turning scotch!