Saturday, 21 March 2009

Bolock Obama

So provided the new American President apologises for the offence he caused after it was pointed out to him it's all right? Wrong! He had an uberliberal upringing and should have instinctively not compared his own mediocre performance to the efforts of disabled people who try just as hard as he does to succeed. How do we know that he doesn't make jokes about disabled people in private? - after all a photo of him smoking twenty odd years ago wasn't released until after the election. I had hopes for Obama when he was elected because I don't wish the American people ill but his recent snubbing of Brown (only British people are allowed to treat him like that)* in favour of long term friends like Biffo Cowan and Iran makes me doubt the judgement of his teleprompter writer. For the sake of the world I hope the Republican Party finds a candidate who's not a religious nut and is under seventy before the next election.

Here's a totally unconnected funny photo borrowed from Theo Spark entitled "Wasn't me" for which I apologise in advance to anyone who may be offended. And if you are offended "honi soit qui mal y pense". And if, like me, you like orangutans please click here or here and scroll down for more links.

* I've just thought, does Obama have problems relating as an equal to disabled people? Brown is well known to be visually impaired.

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