Thursday, 5 February 2009

What Talent Did The Secret Police Spot In Adrian Chiles?

In this article from The Sun, uberBaggies fan* and Sneak Adrian Chiles revealed that MFI were interested in him as a potential agent despite him offering only fatness, a recently broken leg and a mediocre degree. What did George Smiley think Our Kid could bring to MI5? Was it his professed allegience to the Croatian soccer team? Personally, I think Adrian Chiles was very good as host of Working Lunch before the NuLabeebs dumbed it down in a vain attempt to disguise the seriousness of the downturn/recession/depression. That One Show looks dreadful so I reckon Carol Thatcher is best out of it. If only she had accused The Duke of Edinburgh of engaging in coprophilia and kiddy fiddling she would now be feted as edgy and the latest talent.
As her mother said "It's a funny old world," especially so as she is only "racist" enough to be banned from one particular BBC programme. And isn't it funny how Our Dear Leader can be so easily excused from saying the economy was in a depression by a spokesman incanting the magic formula " 'Twas A Slip Of The Tongue."
Update: I have just had the most bizarre thought about Adrian Chiles so I am unable to take any future part as a viewer of The One Show. Fortunately, I was able to contain the accidental synaptic gaffe in my head so there was no threat to the environment. But thoughtcrime is thoughtcrime.

* Baggies: a nickname coined by West Bromwich Albion FC supporters on account of the baggy trousers worn by supporter, short worn by players etc, yawn... To be honest I reckon the nickname is recognition of that essential prelude to lovemaking in West Bromwich, the placing of a bag over the woman's head - believe me, West Brom leads the world in mingers.

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haddock said...

"West Brom leads the world in mingers"
never been to Shoonhorpe then ?

Jo Brand and that generation of lefty 'comedians' have made their champagne socialist fortunes by saying " that Maggie Thatcher, Eh " in the belief that it something to do with comedy.