Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Possible Solution To The Tremendous Amount of Snow

with thanks to Fermilab which has some excellent tips on snow clearing

Local Councils are running short of salt and grit to spread on the roads for which they are the highway authority. I doubt they have a similar shortage of leaflets printed in the obligatory 57 languages excluding English (a minority elite dialect form of Innit). The shortage is due in part to the several successive days of non-global warming (note: this is not climate change this is weather, ie it doesn't fit into the skewed trend line on the (ice) hockey-stick graph of western capitalist inspired doom) but probably mainly due to councils following the advice of their five-a-day/ salt reduction outreach co-ordinators (£71,999 -£83,674 depending on ethnic quota requirements).

My suggestion for clearing the roads and footways of snow is simple and sustainable as no salt, grit, urea or molasses is required. How many criminals* are clogging up our once beautiful prisons or failing to pay £5 a week fines? Give them each a hi-vis pink jacket, a snow shovel and chain them five or six together and provide a hot meal and cup of tea every 5 miles or so. Problem solved. But Common Sense is not permitted in England any more.

* I exclude from this category those especially wicked people who, for example, fail to sort their rubbish properly. Public service is a privilege after all.


CherryPie said...

That picture brings back memories!

Thud said...

I missed it all!