Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Jstc, Or Y I Bndnd Lw

Two recent sentences:

This one (with thanks to Laban Tall)

and this one. At least the noble lord can't claim he was discriminated against. Will Geert Wilders be visiting him in chokey? I liked the way the BBC TV news report mentioned that the driver who was killed was found to have traces of alcohol in his body. Always good policy to slander the dead to spin in favour of the Labour lord - will they mention that rape victims were provocatively dressed?

Just a cynical thought: did Gordon suspend PMQs to avoid Harriet Harman having to answer any Lord Ahmed-related questions? Whilst I have the utmost sympathy for David Cameron and his family for their bereavement, the Westminster village ought to realise that the children of their constituents are being murdered in Afghanistan nearly every week and every one of those deaths is as painful to those affected. Life and work has to go on around those coping with loss and it is just as respectful to do so after offering the appropriate condolences.

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