Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Genetics Beats Religion

When I was old enough to think for myself (the antidote to organised religion) I realised that the cliche that everyone was made in god's image was wrong. I was not like my classmates and never would be. I could not run or jump nearly as fast as them; indeed the left side of my body was significantly smaller and weaker than the right. Yep, that's the work of a loving god who was aware of everything and allowed innocent boy babies to be slaughtered by Herod - a lack of foresight there or a Stalinesque acceptance of casualties to achieve an aim.
And so the recent death of Ivan Cameron and the adverse comments made against CBBC presenter Cerrie Burnell serves to reinforce my belief that genetics trumps religion which is at best a way to be kind and caring to less fortunate people. If the iron age sky pilot bits could be stripped away and replaced with scientific fact I would be more favourable to religion. I remember a religious nut saying that the fact I was born disabled was a gift from god because I could appreciate his (ugh!) love through suffering. Another nut at uni offered to pray for forgiveness for me and for the imagined sins of my parents. A very pretty girl I fancied like crazy told me god loved me. Guess her reaction when I asked if she did also. So if any religious nuts out there wish to comment please be advised that I won't publish your trite tripe.


William Gruff said...

' ... the fact I was born disabled was a gift from god because I could appreciate his (ugh!) love through suffering ... '

In your shoes I would be tempted (as in actually give way to the temptation) to batter the bloody idiots senseless and then ask them how much they appreciate the love I've shown them.

That sort of crass stupidity always raises my blood pressure. Thirty five years ago and more I was at art college and every day I passed a workshop for what were then called 'spastics'. At that time (the early seventies) the Provisional IRA were particularly active, murdering people almost by the dozen. Every day I reflected that no God who was truly just would make some of us so terribly cruel and others suffer so cruelly.

I can easily understand sufferers from painful and debilitating afflictions or incurable diseases finding comfort in religion and the belief that through their suffering they will attain something better after death but those who are able-bodied and healthy have no business inflicting their warped religious views on others less fortunate.

I always have great difficulty maintaining my composure when religious zealots disturb me as I go about my lawful occasions. Bloody God botherers!

Thud said...

Quite a few of us god botherers have no intention or wish to 'inflict' our beliefs on anybody....I'd sooner have a bottle of wine with you anytime!

Gallimaufry said...

Thanks, make that a bottle of Californian Chateau Thud and I might take you up on the offer!

Thud said...

I happen to be surrounded by thousands of gallons of the stuff, so a bottle may well be on the agenda at some time.