Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Couple of Random Thoughts

Will the BBC's orgasmic coverage of the film Slumdog* Millionaire and their perceived line that everything Indian/Mollywood is brilliant mean that the classic It Ain't Half Hot Mum will be shown again on the BBC? The first seven series are already out on DVD and the eighth should be released this year.

* call me naive, but isn't the term "Slumdog" at least as offensive as "Golliwog", especially as it relates to children who have no real hope of escaping from caste-enforced institutional poverty?

Secondly, would the liberati have been so keen to big up St Binyam Mohammed*'s British Resident status if charges of treason had been levelled against him? Of course not, he's a good Ethiopian lad who just fell in with the wrong crowd. I take the Airey Neave view on torture: it is wrong in all circumstances. However, it is ironic that the Muslim convert who went to Afghanistan to see an islamic state in action was, as he claims, tortured in moslem countries. If he wants to experience an islamic state he should just vote Labour ( or hand over his postal vote).

* I have no sympathy for a foreigner who visits the Taliban and then attempts to travel on a forged British passport. I remember when the BBC celebrated the release from years of kidnapping by Islamic terrorists of British citizens like Terry Waite and John MacCarthy. They were innocent and their cases were entirely different to that of the Ethiopian.

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