Thursday, 15 January 2009

Shriti Vadera Has Form

How many green shoots can you see in the foreground of this picture?

She (private school and Oxbridge like all the best Labourites) may be squirming out of the totally crass and unsympathetic "green shoots of recovery" comment she made today but I remember how this ex-investment banker and Gordon Brown uber croney described Railtrack shareholders during the court case resulting from its alleged nationalization by theft. They were "grannies" who "added no value to the company" . Call me cynical but if any member of the Royal Family spoke like the fragrant Baroness, the popular and respected MP for Leicester East would have been outraged. But he's not. Offending hard-working people who have lost their jobs because of economic mismanagement or have lost their savings to suit government policy goes uncensured. Double standards or what.

To update the old saying:

"A recession is when my neighbour loses his job, a depression is when I lose my job, but a recovery is underway when Shriti Vadera loses hers."


J said...

I couldn't believe she said until I saw her squirm on Sky News. Think she managed to say sorry, though the context in which she said it was a little garbled.

Labour is out of touch and has been for years.

Love the update on the old saying, very appropriate.

Thud said...

Another rider on the gravy train like baroness did the party of my grandparents sink so low?