Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Has the "Nice" Socialist Who Left A Comment On My UNWRA Post Read This Article? Update

I was unjustifiably accused by somebody the other day of making a snide comment about about a former BBC journalist now working for UNWRA. My intention was to highlight the cosy old school tie relationship that present and former BBC employees appear to have; rather than casting aspersions on someone's impartiality. The post, the comment and my rebuttal resulted in me receiving an extremely disturbing comment that prompted me to delete the two posts relating to the DEC Appeal andOperation Cast Lead.
But today I read this on Melanie Phillips' blog. On reflection, I was wrong to delete the posts.

And, thanks to Haddock, here's a link to them. It appears that there is no "away" to throw things in the blogosphere.

Here's the posts originally uploaded on 25 January:

Why The BBC Believes UNWRA's Line on What Happened in Gaza

The UNRWA spokesman is Chris Gunness, ex-BBC. So, therefore, a throughly decent chap, trained by the BBC, one of us. No need to spend any of the investigative journalism budget to confirm the war-crimes of the IDF. By the way, who gave Hamas a "get out of jail" card for its outrages*?

* sorry, of course they are all proportionate self defence responses against unjustified Israeli aggression

BBC Headless Chicken Management

The BBC are refusing to broadcast an appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee for emergency aid to Gaza. As I've said before my default position is to support Israel and despise terrorists like Hamas but I take the view that when your neighbour's house is burning you don't ask for your lawnmower back before filling a bucket to put the fire out. Innocent children are in need of the basics required to live - that is all that needs to be said. After World War II Britain introduced bread rationing in order to export wheat to the British administered zone of Germany where there was a shortage. Nearly everyone else disagrees with the BBC's position.The BBC claim that they would lose editorial impartiality - er two words Barbara Plett - something they had no qualms about when former Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston was invited to a sleepover at the home of a local kidnapping clan. And where was the impartiality when the BBC failed to report the post Cast Lead murders of Fatah supporters by Hamas for example?It is also amazing that the BBC has someone called a Chief Operating Officer to explain the decision. Surely this is a job for the Director General. The BBC appears to have fallen into the HR diversity brain swamp and spends licence money on big jobs for any woman who has worked there for thirty years. I hope the Chief Operating Officer does something useful like donating her annual bonus for example.


CherryPie said...

It is always wise to save any deletions for reflection!

And maybe there is a chance to rework the post in context to the replies? To encourage further rational thoughts and comment!

haddock said...

Have a look on Bloghounds, I did to see what posts you deleted ;-)