Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Church of Ireland Primate Offers Peanuts To Families Of Terrorist Murder Victims

A Primate Engrossed In Thought

A £12,000 "Recognition Payment" to the families of everyone murdered in the Northern Ireland "Troubles" ? Other people's money well spent, Robin Eames. I want the Church of Ireland to pay for British Humanist Society adverts on the sides of buses: any chance of that happening? There is a difference between a member of a terrorist group sent to meet his maker for judgement of his sins (isn't that what Christians like Eames believe?) and innocent victims of a nasty civil war started by psychopathic republican criminals and soon joined by murderous unionist* extreme-protestant bigots. Normally, religions are big on moral things like right and wrong, thou shalt not kill and don't do that. But this report smacks of taking the easy path of appeasement.

If any money is to be paid out, it should come from the capacious coffers of the competing and divisive religious denominations in Northern Ireland, ideally from a winding-up auction of their assets. Additional moneys could come from the politicial establishment in the Republic of Ireland that only ever did the minimum to fight the terrorists and from those collectors in America whose tins stopped rattling on 12 September 2001 after the romantic notion of the heroic freedom fighter was definitively extinguished in the rubble of the Twin Towers.
Surely the best option for spending this money is by continuing to fund voluntary groups in Northern Ireland that encourage people of all traditions to mix and ignore their religious affiliations.

* in the sense of devolved government at Stormont Castle and subsidies from England.


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