Thursday, 11 December 2008

Well That's Interesting But I Have No Idea Who He Is

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

The sci-fi character my personality is most like according to the answers I gave to a few questions. Apparently, it's John Sheridan.

An experienced survivor who has maneuvered around many obstacles, you are looked up to by those who rely on your good judgment.

In the last few years, we've stumbled. We stumbled at the death of the president, the war, and on and on. When you stumble a lot you tend to look at your feet. Now we have to make people lift their eyes back to the horizon and see the line of ancestors behind us saying, "Make my life have meaning," and to our inheritors before us saying, "create the world we will live in."

John is a character in the Babylon 5 universe. You can read his biography at the Worlds of JMS fansite.

Haven't these people ever tried fishing?

With thanks to Prodicus


CherryPie said...

When I did this I came out as Princess Leia:

A strong-willed herald of causes against injustice, you passionately strive to right the wrongs around you.

Somebody has to save our skins!

Leia is a character in the Star Wars universe. See her character entry at the Star Wars Databank for more information.

Gallimaufry said...

Well, everyone knows she's the one with her hair in doughnut!

William Gruff said...

As I recall Princess Leia could do little but throw her weight about, stamp her foot, complain and ask stupid questions. It's been thirty years since I last saw the film but I don't remember her doing anything significant in the fight against evil except annoying the men.

Perhaps she made the sandwiches off-screen?

Gallimaufry said...

As far as I recall didn't buth Luke Skywalker (before he discovered she was his sister) and Han Solo fell for her. So she annoyed the men - isn't that a common theme across history and space? It's what makes the universe expand.

William Gruff said...

History shows that universes that have been expanded by annoyed men collapse very shortly after those men twig, or tumble, what has gone before with the women who've annoyed them. The fantasies of women do not make a solid foundation for the aspirations of men and men who aspire to satisfy the aspirations of women make no more than a cause of regret for themselves and suffering for untold numbers of others.

If the universe is expanding it does so in ignorance, or contempt, of anything man may feel.

CherryPie said...

William - I think you and I must have been watching a different film ;-)

Gallimaufry - Yes the women seem to annoy the men and vice versa. A very common theme! Thankfully my mostly male colleagues don't find me annoying ;-)

Gallimaufry said...

Ah, CherryPie you must be the exception that proves the rule.
And now I ought to correct my spelling:
didn't bOth Luke Skywalker (before he discovered she was his sister) and Han Solo fAll for her
In mitigation I was typing in the character of Chewbacca.

Thud said...

I'm afraid to say but I was a fan of b5...your character was pretty good...I did the quiz and came out as some demented hippie lookalike...not my cup of tea at all.