Sunday, 28 December 2008

It's Not The Dunkirk Spirit But The Bridport Spirit That England Needs Now

Man of cabbage/courage Gordo Broon proposes that we delve into his dumbed down and pc bowdlerised dvd of British history and draw strength from the Dunkirk Spirit* which kept plucky Blighty fighting on alone against evil Adolf Hitler until the Soviet Union stopped sending trainloads of supplies to Germany. Well, Broon is talking bollocks as a better analogy of this country's present situation is April-May 1942 when the Japanese were apparently unstoppable in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the Germans were racing across the steppes to Stalingrad and the 8th Army vitually had its back to the pyramids. Indeed, whoever has the bad luck to win the next election had better start reading up on how the post-war economic miracle in Germany took place for tips on avoiding relegation to the third world.
But one item of news cheered me up: I call it the Bridport Spirit. Small, isolated examples of individuals standing up against alien cultural oppression will snowball into bigger and bigger victories until the evils of Nulab, Common Purpose and the European Union are driven from our shores and every English Man, Woman and Child can stand up free of the shackles of beeboid orthodoxy. Beacons of Hope and Common Sense fuelled by numerous copies of government propaganda, gudelines, strategies, framework documents and all the other unsustainably vacuous toss of years of business school nonsense will light our way into the future. England will make and sell things that hurt if you drop them on your toes instead of being the dodgy bookmaker of Europe.

* As Kenneth Horne described it " Half starved and scared to death."


Thud said...

Brownie is running out of bribes and options...I'm not sure what the future holds but for nulabour it is not going to be pretty so at least we do have something to look forward to.

James Higham said...

Yo - the Bridport spirit!