Thursday, 13 November 2008

Prime Minister's Questions

What would you do if you saw a tortoise on its back in the baking sun, Gordon? Set up an inquiry, read the executive summary of the Report on The Care of Mobility-Impaired Testudinidae in a BWh* Climate Environment and , following consultation with stakeholders, promulgate best practice guidelines and protocols to ensure that no more tortoises would experience similar adverse lifepaths ? Or would you think "oh I can't bear to see that poor turtle in pain, struggling to get back on his feet, I must help him immediately" ?

So, let's see Leon's VK Scene from Bladerunner (available in a range of versions from all good dvd and video suppliers, or you could download or rent a copy). It's a great film and one of my favourites.

*Koppen Climate Classification hot desert.


William Gruff said...

I think Gordon would order some faceless jobsworth to ensure that an unaccountable little Hitler in hi-vis slapped a penalty charge notice on the tortoise.

Gallimaufry said...

Agreed. And doesn't tortoise sound enough like terrorist to justify shooting it?

William Gruff said...

Now that wasn't The Tartan McReich's Führer's fault, that was The Blairs, both of them, the snivelling little rats, and Gordon hasn't yet pocketed even half the cash those slimy bastards have snaffled for themselves.

A pox on their heads.

Gallimaufry said...

Guilt by association is good enough for me.