Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Not Much Blogging For The Time Being

Today and for the foreseeable future I shall be putting unwanted stuff on Ebay in order to reap the benefit of Darling's desperate plan to (save NuLabour's electoral skin) shock the economy back into life. Taking photos and writing descriptions is rather time consuming. The cash generated will be spent on candles, razor blades, matches, canned and dried food etc which will occupy the newly vacant space in my shed. I reckon that cash will not be the most important thing to have in a post-Brown economy.
I intend to post on the efficacy of such things as the pedal-powered Powerplus Gazelle generator once I've sold enough to buy one. In the meantime, keep well, warm,safe, and unless you are a Nulab politician, your job.


I Albion said...

Don't be long in coming back.

James Higham said...

Go to it rightly.