Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Next Mandelson Will Tell Bears Not To Shit In Woods

Look, in big letters, BANKS ARE MACHINES TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. They are not stuck in the High Street to help small businesses, hard-pressed homeowners or greedy hedgefund directors. If they happen to do good for others, that is a side effect of their prime function which is to make money for themselves. So, please don't imagine that banks are interested in UK plc any more than mosquitos are interested in your toe that inadvertantly sticks out of the mozzie net.
What is needed is a public inquiry into the whole sordid financial sector from Treasury, Bank of England and FSA downwards, followed by some exemplary prison sentences for the guilty men. Returns for shareholders and rewards for senior managers should be bread and water rations until the taxpayer is repaid every last penny. And then a properly staffed and paid* regulator should watch it like a hawk.
Finally, England should be proud to earn her living by making and selling things other than magic beans.

*ie bonuses for convictions.


James Higham said...

Like the title.

Anonymous said...


Gallimaufry said...

Whatever that means.

TBRRob said...

I believe he's also planning to tell Dolphins not to Swim in water.