Saturday, 1 November 2008

"Democratic" Republic of Congo Is Not In Our Backyard

And neither is Rwanda. They were Belgian colonies*. But Lord Malloch-Brown, Foreign Office Minister for Africa reckonsthat Britain should send troops if diplomacy fails (ha ha, bless). Apparently Britain is the EU stand-by nation, which actually means that every other country stands by until Britain says "Well someone has to do it" and rolls its sleeves up. In any sane world the EU would squeeze out some dirty money from its unaudited accounts and pay a western-officered brigade of mercenaries to clear the military mess up in a couple of weeks. Surely killing a few hundred terrorists would be better than thousands of raped and murdered women and children even in the looking-glass world of the left media. Waiting for the EU to act would result in a proven success like Dharfur or Congo.

Don't send British Troops to Congo or Rwanda!

Update: I didn't do anything!

*OK, so Rwanda was a German colony mandated to Belgium by the League of Nations after WWI, but there's still no British connection.


James Higham said...

The EU attitude to this is questionable.

Thud said...

The half hearted offer of British military help was inevitable from the military hating nulabour idiots.The U.N. troops on the ground are the usual bunch of third world uniformed rapists so no real surprise that they can't handle a raggle taggle bunch of murderers.