Saturday, 1 November 2008

An Unsolicited Message To The American Electorate

If you haven't voted yet, and can't make up your mind who to vote for in your Presidential Elections on November 4, why not confound the pollsters and write another name on the ballot paper.

Ladies and Gentlemen of The United States of America may I suggest a third candidate:

So what if some of your ancestors rejected King George III way back in 1776? We're both big enough countries to accept that a tiny mistakette was made then and that America would be happier in the Commonwealth with H M The Queen as head of state. Besides, after every election genealogists find a connection between your President and our Royal Family. You'd just need to put u in words like harbor and spell centre correctly. Oh, and could we please borrow a couple of aircraft carriers?

Seriously, please vote for whoever you wish on Tuesday and show the world that the beacon of democracy shines brightest in the USA. It doesn't really matter to me which candidate wins because I place my trust in the innate goodness and sense of the American people that is embodied in and outlasts every President.

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