Saturday, 11 October 2008

Only Connect ...

Is it just me that makes a comparison between Broon's bullying of Iceland to grab hold of money (using anti-terrorist legislation (ok, it's only been a thousand years after the last Viking raids! ) - btw why weren't Saudi and Pakistani finances frozen to assist the forgotten war on terror?) and Premier Putin's smash and grab campaign in Georgia this summer. Thank goodness strategic overstretch and underfunding of defence makes it impossible to send a Royal Navy task force across the Atlantic to bring a few boatloads of cod back as the first repayment instalment. Pissing off that strategically sited NATO ally is not a good idea when Russia (also pissed off by Blair and Broon) is trying to detach Europe from North America.
And why doesn't Broon write the debt off as he was so keen to do with African kleptocracies? Is it because the Icelandic bankers are just incompetent gamblers instead of incompetent, thieving, murdering gamblers as found in Africa? Or is it because a recent party donor has a substantial portion of her wealth invested in sheep's head and geysir futures?

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