Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Is Lord Mandelson Hard of Hearing?

Popular Peter Mandelson has gone to Moskva (well if the beebles call Bombay Mumbai yet still call crap Indian films Bollywood then I can call foreign cities what I want) to work hard for small businesses. He is staying in an allegedly £5,500 suite in the Baltshug Kempinski Hotel while the businessmen and women in the delegation are, relatively speaking, roughing it for £300 a night. What is the purpose of the British Embassy if not to provide secure accommodation and communications for a Cabinet Minister? Perhaps MI6 advised Lord Pigeonhole that he would probably be bugged by the FSB if he slept outside the Embassy.


William Gruff said...

Indeed. One cannot safely consort with foreign crooks in Br*tish embassies, at least I hope that still to be so.

Gallimaufry said...

Allegedly, foreign crooks M'Lud.